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简要描述:exercise的用法一、exercise用作名词1)当exercise 作笼统的“运动,磨炼”解时, 是不行数名词。如:Swimming is a good form of exercise.游泳是一种很好的运动方式。...

本文摘要:exercise的用法一、exercise用作名词1)当exercise 作笼统的“运动,磨炼”解时, 是不行数名词。如:Swimming is a good form of exercise.游泳是一种很好的运动方式。


exercise的用法一、exercise用作名词1)当exercise 作笼统的“运动,磨炼”解时, 是不行数名词。如:Swimming is a good form of exercise.游泳是一种很好的运动方式。Good health depends upon good food, exercise, and getting enough sleep.康健依赖于良好的食物、运动和富足的睡眠. Exercise is good for your heart and lungs.对您的心脏和肺,运动也是有益的。

You’ve put on weight, better take exercise every day.你发胖了,最好天天磨炼。I suggest you go on a diet and take more exercise.我建议你节食,多做运动。2)当exercise 作“运用,实践,行使”解时,是不行数名词。

如:the exercise of self-control 自我控制力的运用 ,the exercise of imagination 想象力的运用;the exercise of power by the government 政府权力的行使3)当exercise作“ 体操,一种运动; 一套行动 ”解时, 是可数名词。We do morning exercises every morning. 我们天天上午做早操。

It's good to do eye exercises. 做眼保健操是有利益的。I do physical exercises every day. 我天天都教练身体。

Repeat the exercise ten times on each leg.每条腿重复做十次这种行动。4)当exercise作“训练,习题;实习;(军)演习,练习;”时,是可数名词”。

如: As an exercise, try to explain why before reading the next paragraph. 作为训练,在阅读下一段之前请试着解释一下原因。Try these online arithmetic exercises; they can improve students’ maths skills. 试试这些网上算术训练,它们可以提高学生的数学技术。exercises for the violin小提琴训练 ;exercises on the piano钢琴训练;grammar exercises 语法训练;do exercises 做习题;military exercises 军事演习 .This is the exercise we must do .这是我们必须做的训练。

The teacher rubbed the exercises off.老师把训练擦掉了。5)在美国英语中,常用exercise的复数形式表现“仪式,仪式”之意Vicky and Gary attended the graduation exercises at Columbia.薇琪和加里到场了在哥伦比亚大学的结业仪式。

二、exercise用作动词六、exercise 用作动词,意为1)“运动,”解时,是不及物动词;作2)“训练,训练;运用”解时,是及物动词。作3)“磨炼”解时,即是及物动词又是不及物动词。如:1)You should exercise more .你要多运动些。

2)Peter exercises his dog every morning.彼得天天早上都出去遛狗。They are exercising troops.他们在练兵。Horses must be more exercised.马应当多训练。

3)He exercises three times a week. 他天天磨炼三次。How often do you exercise? 您多久磨炼一次?You don't exercise enough.你磨炼不够。You must exercise yourself in order to be stronger and healthier.为了更康健更强壮,你必须磨炼自己。to exercise one’s rights 行使权力三、exercise的常用搭配1)do exercise 磨炼,运动,如:Do you often do exercise? 你经常做运动/磨炼吗? Do you want to do exercise with me? 你想跟我一起做磨炼吗?I do exercise every morning. 我天天早晨磨炼身体。

2)do exercises 做训练,做操;do morning exercises做早操,做广播体操 ; do eye exercises 做眼保健操; do physical exercises磨炼身体;体育磨炼如:My advice is that we (should) do exercises first. 我的建议是我们应该先做训练。We often do exercises after class. 课后我们经常做训练题。

Some people do morning exercises to keep fit. 有些人为了保持身体康健而做早操Children should do eye exercises every day. 孩子们应天天做眼保健操。Every day a lot of people do physical exercises in the park. 天天早上有许多人在公园里举行体育磨炼。3)take exercise做运动 ;磨炼(= do exercise)Take exercise together, possibly by playing sport or jogging. 一起做运动, 一起跑步或举行其它健身运动。


I have seen you to take exercise these days. 我看你最近几天都去磨炼啊。4)do exercises in 做…… 方面的训练It takes too much time doing exercises in maths. 做数学训练花费了学生大量的时间。四、drill, exercise, practice和training辨析drill偏重举行有系统的、严格和重复的训练。尤指学习的练习或军事上的练兵。

如:The soldiers have drill every day. 士兵们天天练习。Students of English should have a lot of oral drills. 学英语的学生应该多做口头训练。exercise 主要指为强壮体魄而举行的磨炼,也可指举行训练以保持已经获得的技巧。

如:Walking is good exercise. 散步是很好的运动。We do English exercises to help us learn good English. 我们做英文训练以便学好英语。

practice指把所学的理论或知识用于实践以获得武艺与技巧。如:如:Practice makes perfect. 熟练生巧。It takes a lot of practice to play the piano well. 弹好钢琴需要大量的训练。

training 普通用词,泛指为从事某种职业而举行的身体或智力方面的训练。He has had no college training. 他没有受过大学训练。He went into training for the race. 他开始训练到场角逐。

五、小结:exercise有“磨炼,运动,练习;训练; 训练; 运用; 仪式”等意思。当exercise 作“运动;运用,实践,行使”解时,是不行数名词;当exercise作“体操;详细的某一种运动,一套行动;(军)演习,练习;实习;训练(题 )”时,是可数名词;在美国英语中,常用exercise的复数形式表现“仪式,仪式”之意;exercise作动词用时,即可是及物动词又可是不及物动词;当exercise作“运动”解时,是不及物动词;作“训练,训练”解时,是及物动词。作“磨炼”解时,即是及物动词又是不及物动词。此外,exercise还可与do , take等组成短语,详细见正文所述。

六、即学即练:1. He is very strong because he often e___ (凭据句意及首字母完成单词)2. It's good for us to do ___ every day.A. eye exercise B. eye exercises C. eyes exercise D. eyes exercises 用exercise, train, practice, drill的适当形式填空①There'll be a fire________sometime this morning.②We have worked out the plan and now we must put it into________.③These football players had no strict________until they joined our club.④If you don't get more________, you'll get fat.。






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